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This is not a fad diet, it’s not a “liquid” diet it’s not a “starvation” diet  in fact it’s not a diet at all, it’s a healthy eating lifestyle or “lifestyle nutritional plan” if you like, BUT, you will lose weight if you follow it. This is not something you “do” or are “on” like a diet – it is a lifestyle choice… What is contained in this document will change your life forever and it will form the basis of your nutrition to promote a healthy you for the rest of your life.

This is not a complicated plan, Dr Close has specifically developed this with Zoe for everyone to understand.

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The planning contained in this document leaves no room for guesswork.  Together with her nutritionist, Zoe has detailed every single meal during every day so you know exactly what to eat and when.  When you get the hang of it, you can exchange foods but to get started we suggest you follow the plan exactly.


This nutrition plan / lifestyle choice is broken down into two main areas:-

  • Weeks one to four of the nutritional plan – known as the “kicker” phase.
  • Weeks five to ten of the nutritional plan – knows as the “maintainer” phase.

Unlike most other “diets” available on the market today that simply focus on quick fix weight loss, this nutritional plan focuses on weight loss AND a lifestyle change that is sustainable.

We are targeting the weight loss in our first phase (kicker) and then in the second phase (maintainer) we are allowing our bodies to adjust to the weight loss achieved, allowing ourselves to learn more about nutrition, its effects on our bodies, we are reducing the exercise sessions per week so we get used to exercise  in our daily life and we are introducing more low GI carbohydrates into our daily nutrition.

This entire plan is about introducing your bodies to a new, more healthy way of thinking and in turn a healthier you that above all is sustainable. This plan is not about quick fixes… This is an Olympic level tried and tested nutritional plan.  Zoe’s nutritional plan on a daily basis is very similar with the “maintainer” phase of this program.

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