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What is ExpertHealth.me?






ExpertHealth.me is a website where you can download a detailed weight loss nutrition and a detailed weight loss exercise plan that has been developed by the British No 1  Olympic snowboard X athlete, Zoe Gillings, World leading Olympic sports nutritionist, Dr Graeme Close and Olympic Strength & Conditioning (fitness) coach, John Noonan.

Real food, real portions, real snacks, every day. No starvation, no liquids, no fads. Lose weight.

These plans don’t just focus on weight loss, they also focus on the ongoing lifestyle after you have reached your desired weight.








Their intention was simple, to provide a weight loss, exercise and on going nutritional program that you can trust, that works, that is good for you, and above all you buy into as a lifestyle choice rather than just a quick fix… A major part of the nutritional plan is what Zoe follows on a daily basis… You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be healthy… It just makes it so much easier if you can access the best practitioners in the world! This information is now available to you.


They have brought together the most comprehensive nutrition & fitness knowledge and experience gained over the last 20yrs of competition at the top level of professional & Olympic sport.  Zoe is currently in her final training phase for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.  Graham is currently a reader in Applied Physiology and Sports Nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University, lead nutritionist for Munster rugby and of course Zoe’s Olympic nutritionist as well as working with several other top Olympic snow sports athletes . John is Lead S&C for British Snowboard X and British Womens Alpine Ski Teams having worked previously for various top level rugby and football clubs including Chelsea.

Zoe has worked exactly to both the nutrition & fitness plans downloadable from here and to this day uses parts of the exercise plan and the “maintainer” phase of the nutritional plan in every day life – albeit with a few amendments to take into account her twice daily training.   This plan has been developed using Olympic and professional sporting knowledge to produce nutrition and fitness plans for non professional sports people.

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Just like it can do for you, these plans now form part of Zoe’s lifestyle – She may add or remove different foods to lose weight or increase lean body mass or change, add or amend different exercises dependant of her current goals – but in essence Zoe has made her lifestyle choice – in or out of sport Zoe has changed her life and is fitter, healthier and will live longer for it.

She eats real food every day. No starving. No liquid only. No fads.


Its  not just Zoe who has benefitted from these nutritional & exercise plans, all the people in Zoe’s Olympic program – various coaches, training partners, fellow athletes, and friends who were fortunate enough to have Zoe share the information with them have all seen huge results in all aspects of their health and lifestyle – especially weight loss.  If it wasn’t for those results and people constantly asking Zoe for health and fitness advice and especially how she lost weight, these nutritional and exercise plans would never have been produced.

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