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Zoe Gillings – TeamGB Olympic Athlete

2 x TeamGB Olympian, 7 x World Cup Podiums

Multi national champion, Multi X-Games finalist

Final preparations for 2014 Olympic Games



Zoe Gillings, 7 x World Cup Podiums, multi national champion, X-Games finalist

Having competed in Snowboard X for over 15 yrs (this is where 6 athletes race down a mountain over jumps and around turns), at only 28yrs of age, 2 x Olympian Zoe Gillings is Britain’s no 1 Olympic snow sports athlete and is heading into the 2014 Sochi winter Olympic Games as a firm medal favourite.

Zoe has finished on every step of the podium at World Cup competitions the world over – is multi British national champion at every age group and multi X-Games finalist.


She is a UK Sport podium funded athlete which in essence means she has received the highest level of professional support available to British athletes (summer or winter) for the past 10 years including nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, physiotherapy, to name a few.  She has used this wealth of experience to produce this weight loss nutritional plan with her nutritionist and friend, Dr Graeme Close and her strength & conditioning (fitness) coach and friend, John Noonan.

Zoe is a full time Olympic athlete but due to huge financial problems within her governing body, following the 2010 Vancouver Olympics when her then governing body went into administration, she set up her own business to help fund her Olympic sport.  She fully understand the need to manage her time both to run her own business as well as to eat, train and compete at the highest level.  She has a full time job as well as being a full time athlete. If Zoe can eat, work, train and compete all in a days work, so can you.

You only need 1 out of 24hrs in any day to train and plan your meals.