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ExpertHealth.me currently has two downloadable plans available, designed by TeamGB Olympic athlete Zoe Gillings, Olympic nutritionist Dr Graeme Close and Olympic fitness coach John Noonan.

Both plans are greatly detailed taking out all of the guesswork involved in weight loss and healthy living.  Within the nutritional document there is a 10 week meal plan with every single meal and snack detailed so all you need to do is the shopping and follow the plan!

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Similar to the nutritional program, the exercise plan details every exercise within every session which are specifically designed around the nutritional plan.  We have also posted videos on our youtube channel of exactly how to carry out each exercise involved so you get the technique correct and receive maximum benefit.

1) Weight loss / ongoing nutritional plan.

Split into two primary phases – the initial “kicker” phase then the ongoing lifestyle program – “maintainer phase.”  The kicker phase (first four weeks) focusses on weight loss while the maintainer phase focusses on your ongoing healthy living nutritional plan.  If you reach your ideal body weight within the 10 week nutritional plan simply adopt all the principles of the “maintainer” phase going forward. If you haven’t quite reached your desired weight, start the plan afresh from the ‘kicker” phase.

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2) Fitness plan.

Strategically designed around both phases of the nutritional plan. This plan has increased exercise within the first four weeks then this is reduced for the maintainer phase to ensure it is sustainable.  Consisting of both cardiovascular and strength sessions, these are designed for maximum weight loss and overall fitness.  The plan includes a full home body workout should you not be able to visit a gym.

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Download extracts of the nutrition and fitness plans for FREE below:-

DOWNLOAD Nutrition Weight Loss plan

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DOWNLOAD Fitness Weight Loss Plan