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Key Points

These are just a few key points of both the nutritional and exercise plans:-

  • This website has been designed and created by 2 x Olympian, TeamGB athlete Zoe Gillings who is the British No 1 snowboard X racer currently completing her final preparations for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, Olympic nutritionist Dr Graeme Close and Olympic fitness coach John Noonan. Zoe wants to bring the awesome help she has enjoyed from her nutritionist and fitness practitioners to you,  so that you can lose weight properly, keep it off and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Experthealth.me is not a multinational company with huge marketing budgets with the sole intention of making a huge profit, it’s Zoe Gillings trying to pass on real information about weight loss that actually works and putting any money she generates back into her snowboarding program. Zoe has followed these plans for years as part of her Olympic career – Zoe is the prime example of leading a healthy lifestyle and has helped numerous friends and family do the same – now she is making the knowledge available to everyone.
  • First and foremost the nutritional plan is not a diet. It is focussed on weight loss AND eating healthily AFTER reaching your desired weight.  It’s a lifestyle choice.  We show you how to lose weight but then primarily we adapt both the nutritional & exercise plans to ensure you can carry on healthy practices as part of every day life.
  • We plan each meal each day for 10 weeks. You can move different foods around but in essence so long as you keep to the basic principles you can eat how you wish, within reason.
  • Like many eating options on the market today this is not a starvation diet, it’s not a liquid diet, it’s not a fad. It’s real food, healthy eating, eating at the correct times, exercising at the correct times, enjoying your food. Enjoying snacks.
  • You will lose weight if you follow this plan.
  • The exercise plan has been specifically designed to complement the nutritional plan to ensure maximum gains.
  • Each exercise within each exercise session has been planned for 10 weeks.
  • We have launched a youtube channel showing you how to do these exercises to ensure you do them correctly and to maximise returns.
  • Both plans are suitable for almost anybody who wishes to either lose weight, eat healthily, begin to exercise, who is a regular at the gym but wants to make the most of each and every session, who want to only exercise at home, or a mixture of all.
  • The details within these plans are tried and tested on Olympic athletes and professional teams BUT are designed for you.